Iceland Winter Games


Iceland Winter Games 2018

Will be held 23-25 of March 2018

Strompbrekkan will be closed during the event.

Friday march 23.

Snowmobile race
Where: Hliðarfjall - Hólabraut
When: 20:00

Saturday march 24.

Where: Hliðarfjall - By the ski-hotel
When: 13:00

Snowcross (snowmobile)
Where: By Réttarhvammur
When: 14:00

Mountain bike snow ride HFA.
Where: Hliðarfjall - Strýta
When: 16:15

Sled Dogs(Snowskates) BONEFIGHT
Where: Hliðarfjall - Strýta
When: 18:00

Sled Dogs(Snowskates) Freestyle Jump
Where: Hliðarfjall - Strýta
When: 19:45

IWG party - Meet the locals
Where: Pósthúsbarinn
When: 22:30

Sunday march 25.

Freeride ski/snowboard competition
Where: Hliðarfjall
When: 14:00