About the area

For nearly 40 years the mountain Hlíðarfjall has been one of the prime skiing areas of Iceland. 

The hallmarks of Hlíðarfjall are high quality snow, extensive cross country trails and exciting ski slopes with breathtaking views of Eyjafjörður.

Akureyris' ski resort is situated just 5 km outside of the town, it is a very  unique area. The elevation of the site goes  from 500 m to 1000 m above sea level and so there is  plenty of opportunities for good skiing during the winter months. Since 2006 Hliðarfjall has had a number of snow making machines  installed which extendes and improves snow conditions on the slopes. All of the main runs are floodlit, allowing evening skiing.


Staff and email:

Brynjar Helgi Ásgeirsson, Director 

Charles Paul Guanci III, Outdoor operation Manager II

David Olaf Stöckel, Ski resort safety representative

Haraldur Tryggvason, groomer 

Hólmfríður Sara Friðjónsdóttir, Indoor operations Manager 

Jónas Stefánsson, Outdoor operation Manager II

Magnús Þór Árnason, Workshop supervisor 

Óskar Ingólfsson, Workshop supervisor

Stefán Gunnarsson, Outdoor operation Manager I

Hlíðarfjall's office