Tickets Online

Hello skiers and snowboarders,

do you want to skip the line at our ticket office or make it a bit faster? Here are two ways how to get lift passes!
I have own ski card
The easiest way is to have your own ski card (SKIDATA). You just open this link and connect the long number on the back of your card  (example: 01-1614 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx - x). In that case, you can just park your car and go directly to the slopes. 
Frequently asked questions:
Can I use my ski card from a different ski area?
Yes! This is no problem. Every ski card can hold 2 different information. So if you have a season pass in Bláfjöll or you have a swimming card on your SKI card you can still use this card to fill your pass 
Can I buy this plastic card elsewhere?
Yes! Once you have arrived in Akureyri. There are 2 gas stations N1 (Leirunesti and Veganesti) and the town swimming pool. You can get those SKIDATA cards there.
Are all ski cards accepted?
Almost all SKIDATA cards also from different countries are accepted. However, there are some older cards that aren´t supported anymore.

I Don't have SKI Card 

If you don´t have your SKIDATA card you can still buy tickets online and purchase a new card with your tickets. So if you arrive at the ski area your card will be waiting for you in the ticket office.